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Emulating CXL Shared Memory Devices in QEMU

Emulating CXL Shared Memory Devices in QEMUby Ryan Willis and Gregory PriceOverview In this article, we will accomplish the following: Building and installing a working branch of QEMU Launching a pre-made QEMU lab with 2 hosts utilizing a shared memory device...

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Compute Express Link (CXL): What It Is and How It Works

Steve Scargall of MemVerge, explains what CXL is, how it works, and why it is a game changer for various applications, such as AI/ML, HPC, databases, and analytics. He also highlights some industry trends for cloud computing and data center infrastructures that adopt CXL standardization.

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The Dawn of the CXL Era

The Dawn of the CXL Era As the first server processor that will officially support the CXL 1.1+ memory interconnect, AMD 4th Gen EPYC Processors mark the beginning of the CXL era.  CXL (Compute Express Link) is a new industry standard that promises memory capacity and...

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