Memory Fabric Forum

Memory Fabric Forum at Flash Memory Summit 2022

Compute Express Link (CXL) technology promises to make memory a first-class citizen in the data center with open standards for pooling and composing petabytes of memory. That’s why MemVerge is a member of the CXL Consortium and integrating our software with a long list of ecosystem partners.

On August 2nd, The CXL Consortium and MemVerge hosted a full-day forum at Flash Memory Summit titled, “CXL: Getting Ready for Take-off.” The goals of the full-day forum were to:

    • Provide a 360º view of development activity in the CXL ecosystem
    • Accelerate collaboration by sharing information about vendor technology partner programs

Over 20 companies contributed presentations highlighting their:

    • CXL-compatible technology
    • Its impact on application use cases
    • How other vendors can work with your organization to integrate your technology

The Presentations

CXL™ Consortium Update

CXL – Industry Enablement

Runtime Management of the Composable Memory

CXL: Beyond Just Another Interconnect Protocol

Transforming Cloud Data Centers with CXL

Expanding Beyond Limits With CXLTM -based Memory

Adding New Value to Memory Subsystems through CXL

CXL: Enabling New Pliability in the Modern Data Center

Towards a CXL Future with VMware

CXL: The Dawn of New Memory

Enabling Software Defined Memory Real World Uses Cases with CXL

Composable Memory Panel

Big Memory App Panel

Enabling CXL Memory Pooling Devices

CXL Memory Expansion and Pooling for the Cloud

CXL-SSD: Expanding PCIe Storage as Working Memory over CXL

CXL 2.0-based End-to-end System for High-Performance Memory Disaggregation

Composable System Solutions Leveraging CXL

Fast Access and Fast Action Drive Real-Time Analytics

High Capacity CXL Memory

How CXL Can Improve Computational Storage

Overcoming Hardware Limitations in Big Memory Processing

Transforming the Data Center with CXL

Introducing CXL Memory Modules (XMMs) for Density and Bandwidth Expansion

Advancing Your CXL Designs with Complete IP Solutions

Transparent Memory Management for CXL-enabled Systems

CXL Switch Silicon Enabling Composable Data Center Infrastructure