SK hynix & MemVerge Pooling System

Memory Exhaustion: The Cause of OOM and Poor Performance

Memory exhaustion is a major problem that can cause Out-of-Memory crashes or poor performance due to swap usage, especially in clustered environments where memory usage is not uniform across nodes.

Project Endless Memory

To address this challenge, MemVerge has partnered with SK Hynix to create an “Endless Memory” solution. Endless Memory combines an Elastic Memory Service software from MemVerge and a Niagara Pooled Memory System from SK Hynix to allow hosts to dynamically allocate memory as needed, mitigating OOM errors and improving application performance.

The Co-Engineered System

SK Hynix Niagara

  • Pooled CXL Memory System

    Memory Machine Software

    • Composer Service – Globally optimize CXL memory pool allocation across a cluster.
    • Elastic Memory Service- A daemon that runs on each server to monitor memory usage in real time and report to Composer. On-line new memory allocated from the CXL memory pool and off-line memory to be released back to the pool.

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