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Optical CXL in the Datacenter

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Photowaveâ„¢ Optical Interconnect Demo at FMS

Interconnects remote devices using CXL over lower-latency fiber optic cable, extending reach to enable memory pooling at pod scale and beyond. This allows for scalable CXL fabrics in the composable data center.

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Average GPU-PCIe-Transmit-Traffic:

CXL: 882MB/s, System Memory 857MB/s, Disk: 582MB/s, MemVerge: 493MB/s

Average GPU-PCIe-Receive-Traffic:

CXL: 2365MB/s, System Memory: 2609MB/s, Disk: 1887MB/s, MemVerge: 2173MB/s

CXL Mem. Achieves ~2.4x
Higher Throughput than Disk